Next-generation battery testing tech

BatteryWare monitors each individual cell of a battery,whilst in use, and instantly transmits the data.


Existing battery testing technology doesn’t meet the requirements for our modern world. Here are 2 examples:


Standard battery systems don’t measure individual cell performance. If one cell fails, they turn off the entire string. This is hugely inefficient.


In-lab battery testing is expensive and time consuming. Not to mention, a lab environment isn’t a true test of a battery’s performance.

BatteryWare Testing

BatteryWare is the world’s only AI-driven battery testing device, that tests batteries in the real world, and transmits the data in real-time. It’s the only affordable option on the market today that brings data directly from the battery or power source, whilst under stress in everyday use.

Key features:

The device monitors each and every cell, allowing for individual isolation


BatteryWare tests key data points of a battery’s life in the field whilst in use. This offers us greater insight into a battery’s performance than ever before


For the first time, we can create a real-time picture to understand precisely what cases battery life erosion and shortening. This is vital for the future improvement and efficiency of battery technology


It’s low-cost, putting the days of expensive and intensive in-lab testing behind us


It also detects safety issues, tampering, ambient and internal temperature, real GPS monitoring, maintenance and a number of other factors


Behind-the-scenes, factual data is instantly transmitted to be analysed by AI

Our Products

There are 3 variants of our battery testing technology. This allows for practical use with different types of batteries, in a variety of different scenarios.

Imperial E

The incredibly low cost Imperial E unit can be deployed with every battery cell.

Voltage, amperage and temperature readings are sent to the Perfect Black Box allowing for analysis of base level battery usage, stress, depletion and recharge, including life span expectations and damage signal points.

BW Operational Protection (BWOP)

The BWOP is exclusively designed for use in Conflow’s smart digital streetlight. It’s an advanced version of the Imperial e, with enhanced capabilities.

The technology constantly monitors all on-board power sources, including its drone guidance system, autonomous vehicle assistance, gunshot detection, real-time air quality, weather information, and more.

This enables Conflow to manage and monitor all its devices simultaneously, even spotting potential failures before they occur, and determining why.

Perfect Black Box

Just like a plane’s black box, the Perfect Black Box records the activity of each individual cell each minute. Every hour, 3.5 million data points are gathered.

This makes BatteryWare the largest live data provider on battery performance in the world.

The module works by receiving performance data from the Imperial E unit which connects to each individual cell to monitor the voltage, current and temperature.